New employees do not receive holiday benefits until they complete the Orientation and Training Period. Everyone is responsible for safety. Do not discuss the security system or code with any unauthorized person. So we can keep our records updated, please report any of the following changes as they occur: In an emergency, an updated file will speed efforts in locating the proper parties to be notified. Our resolution procedure works like this: You’ll find your work days and hours on the posted schedule. Each dental office should have clear policies and procedures that reflect the dental office … The Internet Usage Policy is an important document that must be signed by all employees upon starting work. If you are absent from work for two days and fail to contact your employer, you may be released for job abandonment. All staff members are responsible, individually, for recording their time on the attendance sheet and/or card when: An attendance sheet and/or card is a legal document and must not be destroyed, defaced or removed from the premises. . Complete the sample registration form to download a security policy MS Word file. Return to main toolbox page. Non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay whenever they perform overtime work. 1. Most importantly, these policies should let employees know that posting or discussing information about patients, whether on their personal pages or on your practice page, is a HIPAA violation. Social Security ensures basic benefits for survivors, and burial allowance. If any employee’s earnings stop because of death, disability or retirement, then the employee and his or her family may be eligible for partial placement of earnings. Practice Transition Readiness Assessment®, Seven Keys for Effective Practice Management. Details. Time not worked but paid for, such as vacation, holidays and sick leave, will not rate or count for overtime calculation purposes. Outgoing long distance calls of a personal nature are to be logged at the time of the call and the total time given immediately to the office administrator. Each employee will receive two copies of Form W-2 showing income taxes and social security taxes withheld for the year by January 31 of the following year. Before you dive into the policy-writing process, it’s important that everyone is on board. We will pay the expenses for mutually agreed upon courses. On the other hand, when the employee is at fault, as when the employee resigns voluntarily or is being discharged for unprofessional conduct, unemployment eligibility is lost. Having IT policies and procedures is not a trend since technology is so hyped in this generation. The notice will state the reason for the release and the last date of employment. Consenting to medical testing may be a requirement for continued employment. More from this Section. Topics: Making health and safety work for your business; This example shows how a small business might complete a health and safety policy. This policy prohibits harassment in any form, including verbal, physical, religious and sexual harassment. Never discuss personal problems within hearing distance of patients or clients, guests or other staff members. If an employee fails to fill out Form W-4, the employer is required to withhold the maximum amount of tax. Changes happen as a result of internal growth, legal requirements, competitive forces or general economic conditions that affect our profession. Precautionary measures are sometimes taken to ensure adequate protection of property, personnel, assets, etc. Hair must be clean, well trimmed and well groomed. The ODT gives you more control over an Office installation: you can define which products and languages are installed, how those products should be updated, and whether or not to display the install experience to your users. Office Policy Manual Bear Fight Institute, Inc. ... No policy is intended as a guarantee of continuity of benefits or rights. Staff members are encouraged to leave problems at home rather than bringing them to work, but at times this may be unavoidable. If, however, an employee requests a form before the January 31 deadline, it will be given within 30 days of the request or within 30 days of the final payment of wages, whichever comes later. The employer assumes no responsibility for staff members who become delinquent in the number of units needed for re-certification and who, as a result, lose their license. Your pre-writing activities include deciding on a document focus and researching background. Our goal is to provide a completely safe workplace. Staff members who fail to return to work on the scheduled work day will be presumed to have resigned employment voluntarily. It is an example of what our 400 page Office Policy and Job Description Manual contains. acknowledgement and receipt . We ask our employees to honor the following: To regard and preserve practice information as highly confidential and trade secrets of the employer. The attendance sheet and/or time card is a legal document and must not be destroyed, defaced or removed from the premises. So, all of us need to stay aware of current policy, and as revisions are made, new pages will be given to the staff to place in their manuals. To receive unemployment benefits, a claim must be filed at the local office that administers the state’s unemployment insurance law. You will not accumulate seniority nor be eligible for benefits. It is not a substitute for proper legal or other professional or regulatory advice. It is an example of what our 400 page Office Policy and Job Description Manual contains. Example health and safety policy Setting the scene Daly Response Alarm Systems supply and install intruder alarms to residential and business premises. But we expect all employees to follow our code of conduct. It is actually compliant with the existing local, state, or national law. Any employee who violates this confidentiality and disclosure policy is subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge, and in extreme cases, legal action. Examples of Ergonomic Hazards in the Workplace. If you are unable to complete your workday because of an on-the-job accident, you still will be paid for your total scheduled hours for that day. Attendance will not be counted as hours worked when: All staff members eligible for holiday pay will receive an amount equivalent to the straight-time pay for their normally scheduled number of hours if the holiday occurs on a regular working day. Receive a one-hour consultation to help you implement correct office policy and receive our Practice Owners Job Description manual both for FREE by filling out the form (Highly Recommended). Emergency pay advances are always considered early payments of wages for future work performed and are not to be considered a loan made to the employee from the employer. Arriving late or leaving early for the work day, breaks or meal periods are considered unprofessional conduct and could result in disciplinary action, including discharge. This worked example can be used as a guide when thinking about what you need to include in your own policy. Positive comments made by the patients or clients about the improvement of their health, their pet’s health, about the doctor or other staff, or any aspect of the service that they are receiving should be relayed to the doctor. It is an example of what our 400 page Office Policy and Job Description Manual contains. Company Security Policy Procedures Manual The sample office security policies and guidelines is from the Security Policies and Procedures Manual template, which covers factory security, guard force management, physical security planning, and other enterprise security issues. An Orientation and Training Program is conducted for all new employees. A request for a maternity leave and pregnancy disability leave must be accompanied by a statement from the physician indicating the reason for the disability and the anticipated date of return to work. A Form W-4 remains in effect until a new, amended form is submitted. Social media. State and federal payroll taxes will be withheld from your paycheck in accordance with the law. Wages are based upon an hourly rate, a daily rate, or a monthly salary and paid according to the posted “Payday Notice.”. If the entire staff goes on vacation when the doctor does, staff members not eligible for vacation benefits may be required to cover the office during the vacation period. To not disclose or permit to be disclosed any of this information to any person or entity. So if you value the company name, no matter how much you might be loving animals it is advisable to give this policy of bringing pets to the office… After two years, you will receive ten vacation days. The amount to be advanced will not exceed one week’s wages. We want as many people as possible to be able to use those documents. Policy and procedure templates play a critical role in the efficient running of staff and company. Therefore, any use, sale, purchase, transfer or possession of any illegal or non-prescription drug is prohibited at any time. Samples and examples are just that. Date: December 18, 2015. It keeps your workers safe, your equipment secure, and your confidential information, well, confidential. Park in the designated areas and lock your car. If you are released from jury duty before the end of the workday, you are expected to return to work for the balance of the day. If your employment is terminated, you may be eligible to receive unemployment insurance. Turn static administration and office policies, procedures and processes into active and repeatable workflows. This policy was written to capture our current practices and to respond to federal and provincial requirements for the protection of personal information. This gives both of us an opportunity to prepare so that areas of mutual concern can be addressed. Data protection. Below you will find an example of a general office policy for a medical practice, including Dentists, Veterinarians and Optometrists. Failure to give advance notice may void the claim for benefits. Feel free to copy and adapt this to your office. Just notify the office manager whenever problems are encountered, and wherever you think improvements can be made. Reinstatement is solely at the doctor’s discretion. Wages and benefits are discontinued during the leave of absence. Violations will result in immediate dismissal. These policies, procedures, and checklists successfully recognize the limits of providing employees proper guidance for appropriate behavior at work and draw a line between that and employee lives outside of the workplace. The policy does not apply to temporary or occasional work arrangements such as dependent care, inclement weather, recovery from illness, caring for an ill family member, or instances where an employee is assigned to work from home. When you leave the premises, let us know. Therefore, absences of short-term duration, disabilities of relatively long duration and tardiness are unacceptable and constitute an unsatisfactory work record. Just notify the office manager whenever problems are encountered and wherever you think improvements can be made. When you leave the premises, let us know. Welcome to our practice. Our practice classifies employees according to specific terms and definitions. “Stocked office supplies” are items of which a quantity is kept at the field office because they are continuously expended and need frequent replacement. evidence that you have completed the course. Do not operate defective equipment. These items are of substantial value, highly confidential, constitute the professional and trade secrets of the doctor. We are here to provide a professional service to our patients/clients. Severance pay will not be awarded, and the resignation will be treated as voluntary. Definitions B.1.1. Immediate family includes father, mother, sister, brother, wife, husband, son, daughter, father-in-law or mother-in-law. Animals may pose a threat of infection … Below is a list of items that should be included in any basic office policy or policies: Policy is very important to establish so that the entire group understands the rules and agreements upon which the office operates. Inappropriate appearance and dress, i.e., a pierced nose, eyebrows, tongue or lips, will not be tolerated. Personal emergencies may qualify for sick leave if approved by management. Conflicting requests will be decided in favor of the person with the most seniority. You are responsible for any personal belongings that you bring to the office. Office staff are required to wear business attire or a uniform as designated above. If you have a problem so severe that it affects your ability to perform, please discuss it with the doctor or office manager. They are confidential and provided and disclosed to the employee solely for use in connection with your employment. Store materials and equipment safely and neatly; avoid clutter that might cause accidents. Negative comments should also be relayed, as the comment may be a signal about a misunderstanding or a problem that should be addressed. The following policies are designed to provide working guidelines for all of us. Any time off during normally scheduled work hours will be without pay.