I noticed that only Piccolo and Bulma seem to call him Son Bulma (ブルマ, Buruma) is an human-type Earthling, and the second daughter of the world's most richest man, Brief and his wife, Panchy. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. Yes, as surprising as it is to learn, Bulma's last name isn't Brief or Briefs! via: youtube.com. And while Bulma is panties Chi-Chi is a reference to breasts. 25 Thinking Her Last Name Is Brief. Vegeta is the first six letters of vegetable. Vegeta doesn’t have one. Pan (パン) is the granddaughter of Goku and Chi-Chi, the daughter of Gohan and Videl, the niece of Goten, and the grandmother of Goku Jr. Due to Gohan being 1/2 Saiyan and Videl being a pure human, she is 1/4 Saiyan and 3/4 human. She plays a major role in Dragon Ball GT. Parent tags (more general): Dragon Ball; This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). At the time, all Vegeta cared about was getting the Dragon Balls to wish for immortality. Very few characters in Dragon Ball even have a family name, Son Goku and the male members of his family being the most notable exception. And nearly all the other characters are food related. For example, Trunks and Bra (Bulla's original Japanese name). Edit: Toriyama does note here that "the region where Satan lives doesn't split up names into given names and family names." She would later marry the former Saiyan prince, Vegeta, and would give birth to both of their two children: A son, Trunks, and their daughter, Bura. Bulma has declared that Krillin is Asian. Set of missing Bulma.io functionalities provided as SASS / JavaScript extensions. Though Bulma first saw Vegeta on TV when he invaded Earth, she didn't actually meet him in person until they encountered on Namek. Pan's name can be directed from three points. Everyone else seems to call Goku by his first name without honorifics. I was under the impression that you refer to someone with their last name in Japanese if you don't know them that well. Bulma doesn't have a last name YES I am a pedant. But then her parents made the connection even more obvious by naming her Bulma, which translates to bloomers. Despite Krillin's status as a joke character, both Nappa and Vegeta have acknowledged him as being stronger than Raditz. Brief seems to just be the first name of Bulma's father, Dr. Brief, and not their family name. So what is Bulma's last name? But Bulma and Vegeta might skip telling how they met to some of their friends, given that their story is far less charming. Brief is just her father's name. Bulma doesn't have a surname. The most prominent protagonist of the Dragon Ball series for much of its history is Goku, who along with Bulma form the Dragon Team to search for the Dragon Balls at the beginning of the series. It's the same for honorifics, isn't it? She is also the younger sister of Tights. Bulma's last name is Briefs. The names of all of her family members are parodies of some kind of underwear. However, his last name is Sanchez, meaning he's also Latino (since Krillin used that name while taking out a huge life insurance policy). Yeah, DBZ has a lot of name puns. Saiyan is syllables of the Japanese word vegetables rearranged. The family's last name is Brief, so there was already no escaping the legacy. This list we've brought to you today has 25 things that everyone gets wrong about Bulma. Broly is a pun broccoli, Kakarot is just carrot, basically all Saiyans are vegetables.